core beliefs

Regardless of where you stand with the God of Christianity, you are welcome at RUF. One of the foundational aspects of RUF is that we seek to provide an environment that is open to the convinced and un-convinced of Christianity. We want non-Christians, Christians who doubt, and struggling people in general to find RUF a place of comfort. Having said that, we do have reasons for why we do the things we do, and think the way that we think. 

The question that is often asked of RUF is what does it mean to be "reformed." The simple answer to this questions is that we believe that the Bible teaches that God comes after people in their sin and rebellion against him. Everything that we do and teach as a ministry stems from God's love and pursuit of His people. We believe that the entire Bible is one grand narrative, which tells how God wants to be with His people, and how He makes that happen. This is seen ultimately through God becoming man in the person, Jesus Christ. 

More broadly, we find our historical heritage at the protestant reformation. We are a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America, and the specific theological stances that our denomination has taken can be seen in the Westminster Confession of Faith. For more details on our denomination, click here

We, in no way expect the campus or any non-Christian to agree with us in thought or action. Our simple goal is to proclaim who Christ is to the campus, while praying and hoping for the campus of UNT to grow and flourish. Secondly, we want to provide a context in which Christian students can continue to follow Christ during their years at UNT.